Man Charged With Assaulting Five Women In Park Because They Were White

On Thursday, a man from Reynoldsburg, Ohio, was charged with targeting, assaulting and intimidating five white women at Blacklick Woods Metro Park because of his hatred for white people.

Dominique Thomas, 24, is facing three felony charges of ethnic intimidation, and is being held on $150,000 bond, according to local news station NBC4.

As revealed in court documents, Thomas is accused of targeting all five of his female victims because of their white skin. Last week, NBC4 noted that the ethnic intimidation charges were pursuant to statements the suspect made to police.

"In one case, Thomas is charged with calling the victim a felon and a prostitute and threatening to break her phone," reports NBC4. "In another case, he’s accused of making sexual gestures and threatening that the victim would be shot. In a third case, he is accused of spitting in the victim’s face and repeatedly saying, 'Shoot or stab.'"

One of the victims, named Leslie, told NBC4 that the experience was scary and unexpected. She was running at the park when Thomas plowed into her and began screaming obscenities at her. Leslie showed the news station bruises and cuts on her shoulder, arm, and knee.

Thomas "lunged at me, just full-force plowed at me, like from the side; he proceeded to yell over me, some profanity" before grabbing his headphones and walking away, said Leslie.

"You're out on a daily run, and all of a sudden —" continued Leslie, adding that the experience was "hysterical."

The Franklin County Municipal Court judge residing over the case set bond at $150,000 and mandated Thomas stay away from his victims and all parks.

Thomas will head back to court on Friday.


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