Fake Republican Ana Navarro Spreads Fake LeBron James Meme

On Wednesday, phony "Republican" CNN pundit Ana Navarro spread a clearly photoshopped post of NBA legend LeBron James on her unhinged Twitter account in effort to — what else? — damage President Donald Trump.

Navarro posted a photo of LeBron sitting in a gym wearing a photoshopped t-shirt that said "TRUMP, U SON OF A B****!" under an image of a hand flipping the bird.

"Freedom of expression Makes America Great. Whether u approve or not, we’re free to wear this. Could get u jailed or killed in some places," the pundit captioned the photo.

Except James never wore such a t-shirt. The real, unedited photo is from last year, and the NBA star is in a professional wrestling shirt:

James is no fan of the president, though, that's for sure. After President Trump went after national anthem protesters and disinvited Warrior's Stephen Curry to the White House, James took to Twitter to call Trump a "bum" and defend the kneelers.

Navarro laughably contends that she's a Republican though she goes on tirades against Trump once an hour, is completely clueless about conservatism, and has donated thousands of dollars to liberal Democrats.

The tweet has been shared shared over 3,000 times, thus far.

H/T Peter Hasson

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