Tucker Carlson Explains His Views Of Race And Tribalism

Also disses Mediaite's Justin Baragona.

On Wednesday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson took a moment to explain his views on race and tribalism. In so doing, he derided Mediaite’s Justin Baragona as a “coward,” following the columnist’s description of the FNC host as a “white supremacist” last week.

Carlson described race as a superficial and immutable characteristic of personhood and leftists as obsessed with race, classifying "people first and foremost by their race":

We thought it might be worth taking a second to lay out clearly what this show believes on the question of race. Above all we believe that skin color is not the most important thing about a person. What matters most is how you live, the choices you make, what you love, what you hate, [and] how you treat others.

Now that puts us at odds with the modern left which classifies people first and foremost by their race. We think that’s unfair. Your race is one thing you cannot control. You were born with it. That’s why it’s wrong to judge people on the basis of it. In fact, that used to be the very definition of racism, before liberals changed the rules to exempt themselves from it.

Carlson framed the left's "tribalism" as an iteration of collectivism, where individuals’ uniqueness is subverted by generalizations of their tribal groupings:

Some [leftists] sincerely believe that tribalism empowers people. They’re wrong. Tribalism diminshes people. It makes their unique qualities irrelevant. It lumps them into a pile with a lot of other people who just happen to look alike. It’s dehumanizing. It erases the individual.

Left-wing derision of their opponents via accusations of being "racist" is now ubiquitous, said Carlson, which, in the end, just decreases such accusations' impact:

It wasn’t that long ago that calling someone a racist was a big deal. It was a devastating attack on a person’s character, if not blood libel. Now, everywhere you look, people just barely to the right of Al Gore are being denounced as white supremacists, white nationalists, [and] neo-Confederates.

It happened to us, last week, on a website called Mediaite.

Blogger Justin Baragona wrote a piece entitled, “Tucker Carlson Isn’t Even Trying To Hide His White Nationalist Leanings, Anymore.”

Watch Carlson's exposition below.

Usage of the term “white supremacy” across news media has grown exponentially following last year’s presidential election, implying widespread existence of attitudes of racial superiority held among whites.

Baragona declined an invitation to join Carlson, said the FNC host.

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