YIKES: Survey Finds That Only A Quarter Of Americans Can Name The 3 Branches Of Government

Democrats are far less likely to know how the federal government is organized.

The results of a recent Annenberg Public Policy Center survey that measured average American understanding of the United States Constitution, are intensely disappointing, although not altogether surprising. The survey, which asked questions of 1,013 respondents, found that a majority of Americans are woefully unaware of their rights, and that an even greater number are stunningly uninformed when it comes to our government’s political organization.

According to the results, only 26% of Americans were able to name the three branches of our government, the executive, legislative and judicial branches. The survey results note, that, “in the presence of controls, people who identified themselves as conservatives were significantly more likely to name all three branches correctly than liberals and moderates.” This of course makes sense, since the Left has made it their mission to undermine the values of our founding documents. Why take the time to read old documents that history has left behind?

What’s especially disturbing though, is how the percentage of correct answers has dropped since the last survey in 2011, when 38% — still a depressingly low number — were able to name each branch. This speaks volumes on the efficacy of our Department of Education. The type of learning that is important to the Left has been clear for a long time and doesn't include government or actual American history. Just ask UNC Charlotte, which offers 345 "diversity" courses.

Respondents did little better on other survey questions. A whopping 37% were unable to name a single right laid out in the First Amendment. Less than half (48%) were able to name freedom of speech. Only 15% were aware that the First Amendment protects religious freedom. Unbelievably, only 10% responded with right to assembly. In direct opposition to the First Amendment, "39 percent of Americans support allowing Congress to stop the news media from reporting on any issue of national security without government approval."

The APPC survey also explored American understanding of the constitutional rights granted to immigrants who reside in the United States illegally. 67% of self-identifying conservative respondents told researchers that illegal immigrants were not guaranteed rights by our constitution. While not all rights outlined by our constitution apply to illegal immigrants, many do, including due process. In this case, moderates and liberals were slightly more informed (or I’d hazard a guess: more likely to believe that which fits their narrative), with 48% and 46% correct responses, respectively.

In another result, which almost reads as parody, 21% of survey participants didn’t think constitutional rights equally applied to atheists, and another 24% failed to understand that Muslims are included in constitutional protections as well.

This is absolutely terrifying. These people, our fellow Americans, who in many cases know literally nothing about our government and the country's foundational documents, are voting (likely for Democrats). The education system in this country has failed its citizens in spectacular fashion. One can only hope there’s still time to correct our path and start teaching our youth why this country, its institutions, and its constitutional protections, are the best on Earth.


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