This Restaurant Owner Won't Show Any NFL Games Until Anthem Protests End

'This is a country of one people and we need to stand for our flag.'

A South Carolina restaurant owner is taking a stand against the NFL kneelers by refusing to show any more football games in his restaurant until the protests end.

David McCraw, the owner of Palmetto Alehouse in Greenville, S.C. and a military veteran, announced in a since-deleted Facebook post that he would no longer show football games "until every player stands in respect to our flag and our country." He added in a comment that "our country, our flag and our respect is at jeopardy. Either stand up or lay down. I choose to stand up for our country."

McCraw told a local Fox station that while he disagrees with some of President Trump's statements and actions, he felt that "this is a country of one people and we need to stand for our flag." He added that "disrespecting our flag and our country is not the way" to go about raising awareness for political change.

He was also not concerned about any possible business lost from his stance because he doesn't "think the people that come to my bar will feel that this is disrespectful to them." McCraw also showed scorn toward "athletes and celebrities" telling Americans "how to think."

Since McCraw announced his stance, there have been a flood of one-star Yelp reviews against Palmetto Alehouse. Here is one from someone named "Mario H.":

An owner who won't put NFL games on because they are not showing patriotism on what he believes, should say all it needs to say by an owner of an establishment. Guess it didn't bother him to show NFL games when players brought in with beating women, doing drugs, assaults, DUI, but going to say games can't be shown because idiot Trump insulted an entire league. Boycott this place!!!!!

And another from someone named Stephanie K.:

I've been here to watch football and play trivia. I won't ever go back after seeing the Facebook post about not showing any NFL games until every player stands. Do you even know that prior to 2009, players weren't out on the field during the national anthem??

When you put blind hate against the good of the community you deserve every loss of $1 you get. This will backfire. Greenville is better than this and it has FAR better establishments to eat at. When you alienate sports fans, you will lose. But go ahead and keep being a racist. Money talks; bs walks.

However, someone identified as Chuck N. came to McCraw's defense:

I will start off by saying that I have not been here but I heard that the owner had turned off the NFL in response to the politicization of the game of football. I am not, nor have I ever been a football fan so I will enjoy not listening to "the game" while I eat.

In anticipation, I am giving them a "4" but I will be driving down on Saturday or Sunday to support them. I will give an honest, experience-based review when I return

I noticed a spate of negative reviews, all beginning on 25 September. I am guessing that those reviews are mostly coming from "liberals" who do not like the owner's political statement. Some were honest enough to give their political reason for slamming this place but I suspect most are lying about even having been there.

One of the earlier, likely more honest, reviews mentioned that dogs are welcome on the patio. That sounds great. I'll be bringing my Catahoula and his little Chihuahua brother for the visit.

McCraw's stance is absolutely understandable given how most Americans are annoyed with the anthem protests. It also shows the hypocrisy of leftists who champion the First Amendment when it comes to the protests but show disdain toward business owners like McCraw who use freedom of association to take a stand against the protests.

You can see more about McCraw and his stance in the below WISTV clip:

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