NARRATIVE MONTAGE: Hurricane Maria Is 'Trump's Katrina'

Democrat Media Complex's latest narrative

Assorted leftists and Democrats across the news media are hyping the destruction in Puerto Rico via Hurricane Maria as a political debacle for President Donald Trump, drawing on a false narrative concocted in 2005 during the disaster of Hurricane Katrina in and around New Orleans, Louisiana, in which then-President George W. Bush was blamed for casualties and property damage.

View a montage depicting informal coordination between CNN and MSNBC personalities in pushing these narratives below.

Assorted news media figures regularly frame Trump’s Twitter activity as a reflection of his presidential priorities. With Trump’s tweets regarding Puerto Rico fewer in number than those directed toward racial agitation from the NFL, news media figures frame the president as negligent in the midst of Hurricane Maria’s destruction.

Seen in the montage above are The Daily Beast’s Editor-in-Chief John Avlon (an alumnus of CNN), CNN’s John Berman, Chris Cuomo, and Shermichael Singleton, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Mika Brzezinski, and Eugene Robinson (also a columnist for The Washington Post).

CNN, MSNBC, and The Washington Post all market themselves as politically objective and non-partisan in their news media production.

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