WATCH: HLN's S.E. Cupp Brilliantly Parodies Lawrence O'Donnell Meltdown

While Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC meltdown video is still fresh in the minds of everyone who enjoys watching famous people freak out, some other news hosts are taking the opportunity to parody it.

During Thursday’s episode of S.E. Cupp: Unfiltered on HLN, Cupp discussed the O’Donnell tirade, comparing it to similar meltdowns from Bill O’Reilly, Christian Bale, and Mel Gibson, setting up her own downfall perfectly:

What do they all have in common? Yes, there's the obvious: famous people behaving badly. But beyond that – enemies. Each of these tapes, whether video or audio, were leaked, presumably by someone who doesn't like the famous person at the center of them. O'Donnell's getting heat for blowing up at unseen staffers – and he's apologized, and said he should have handled it differently. But I'm just as outraged that someone inside Lawrence's show, or maybe an enterprising MSNBC employee, leaked the video in the first place. Not cool. This is why it always pays to be nice to people who work with you and for you. No one has a secret tape of me yelling at a camera man or producer...I don't think.

Following Cupp's monologue, co-host Andrew Levy revealed that there was in fact secret footage of an S.E. Cupp meltdown (pertinent portion begins at the 1:51 mark):

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