WATCH: College Students Defend Antifa's Violence

"Beating up fascists is good."

A new video produced by Campus Reform interviews a few college students to find out how they feel about Antifa and their violent tactics. The results are not surprising for those who've been watching what's taken place on college campuses in recent months.

Over the last year, the social justice left on campuses across the country has increasingly used violence and disruption to suppress speech they deem offensive — messages that do not align with their ideological and political agenda. The situation has been exacerbated by social justice-sympathizing administrations empowering the radical "activists" by disempowering law enforcement.

But what is most troubling is that these anti-free speech beliefs and tactics are not simply embraced by a radical fringe. A recent Brookings Institute study found that a majority of students believe that disrupting speakers to silence them is "acceptable" and one in five students (19%) endorse the use of violence to silence an "offensive" speaker. A plurality of students believe that "hate speech" is not covered by the First Amendment, despite Supreme Court precedent establishing otherwise.

As a follow-up to the Brookings' study, Campus Reform decided to hit the campus greens to talk in person with some students to see if they really do endorse violence and those leading the violence, Antifa. All of the students the video features say they have a generally "positive" view of Antifa, and most of them say they believe violence against "fascists" is justified and can be a useful "tool" for pushing back against "hate."

"I like them," one student says of Antifa. "Beating up fascists is good."

One student says that her impression of Antifa is good because she only sees them marching next to her and "standing for what I believe in." Another says she sees them "more on the positive side because they're combating hate."

"I think that a lot of them are trying to educate," says one student.

"A lot of people say that they're creating more hate," says a female student, "but I think if you're combating hate then it automatically makes you more on the positive side."

When one male is asked directly if violence is sometimes justified, he replies, "Absolutely. Yeah, in the right context, absolutely." Asked who decides what the right context is, he responds, "Well, obviously the Antifa are."

"I think that violence is definitely a tool and it can be justified," says one college girl. "Just like any other tool, there are certain times when you can use it.

"If black bloc tactics and destruction of property, things like that, can actually further the cause, then I'm all for it," says a male student.

One student even suggests that sometimes violence might be justified even if innocent people get hurt.

Watch the full video below via Campus Reform:

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