Conservative Stacey Dash FIRES BACK After Chelsea Handler Calls Her A 'Black White Supremacist'

Handler called black conservatives Dash, Ben Carson, and David Clarke "black white supremacists."

Actress and outspoken conservative Stacey Dash is firing back after liberal comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler referred to Dash disparagingly as a “black white supremacist.”

Handler was listing all the different types of “racists” there are in America for a show promo and ended her predictable, Trump-bashing rant with the attack on Dash, former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson and former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, identifying them as "black white supremacists," or "black people who think white people are better than them.”

Dash returned fire in her own response to Handler, which was published by Young Conservatives.

"Myself, Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clarke are 'white supremacists' in black skin. Is that it?" wrote the Clueless star. "Because we disagree with the liberal, Left agenda — a wealthy liberal celebrity gets to slander a brilliant and famous neurosurgeon, a respected man of the law, and me? There's an opportunity to invoke white privilege here somewhere, I'm sure. Wait, I forgot, that's a title exclusive to conservatives only."

Dash then steamrolled Handler’s veiled racism, explaining her upbringing, and rhetorically asking if that was "'black' enough" for Handler.

"Maybe read my autobiography and about my childhood of being exposed to drugs, violence, and abuse while growing up in the Bronx. Does that make me 'black' enough for you and anyone else who shares this judgmental and simplistic assessment of my beliefs?" wrote the actress.

Handler, as you might recall, vowed to leave the country if Trump were to win the 2016 election. Not only has she reneged on that promise, she also cried pathetically on her show after her Pantsuit Goddess fell short of her coronation. Clearly Handler is still suffering immensely from the loss.


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