Trump Hosts Meeting On Terrorism With The King Of Jordan

'He's also a great, great fighter.'

Donald Trump met with King Abdullah II of Jordan on Wednesday following the president’s speech at the United Nations in New York City. The two leaders discussed terrorism in the Middle East as well as the growing partnership between the United States and Jordan.

The president and King Abdullah II gave joint remarks to the press before their bilateral meeting.

Trump told reporters, “It's a great honor to be with the King of Jordan, who has been our partner and ally for a long time. And I think never has the relationship been better than it is right now.”

He continued, “And we're working together on many problems, and some things that aren't problems that are very, very good. But we're going to make some of the bad ones turn out good.”

Trump also praised Jordan’s refugee policy, saying, “I just want to thank you for everything you've done, in terms of the refugees and taking care of people that -- who knows what would have happened without you. So I want to thank you and I want to thank everybody involved with you, and you have done an amazing job.”

King Abdullah expressed his concern for the victims of the recent hurricane, commenting, “I'd also like to extend our condolences on the victims of the hurricanes, but also how you, the government, the people, the first responders reacted to this crisis,” he said. “I mean, for us sitting on the outside, looking at how the Americans came together at a difficult time, is really an example to everybody else. And we're very, very grateful for that.”

Trump also praised the Jordanian monarch: “I have to say this about the King: He is a very fine gentleman, a very nice man. He's also a great, great fighter.”

King Abdullah also emphasized his dedication to fighting radical Islamic extremists: “Terrorism is a scourge around the world, but I think Jordan will always stand beside you and your country. And we will overcome.”

Afterward, the two leaders took questions from reporters.

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