As The Daily Wire reported Wednesday, the Clinton Camp despicably used a 10-year-old girl in order to attack GOP front-runner Donald Trump as a sexist and to evoke the "war on women." The real-estate mogul pointed out that this was probably not a good idea for Hillary to pursue, for endless and obvious reasons.

A little girl sitting in the front row at a Hillary rally (totally random) on Wednesday asked Mrs. Clinton about “bullying.” She then talked about how she was bullied for her asthma after being prompted by the Democratic presidential candidate; this conveniently paved the way for Hillary’s ad hominem attacks on Trump where she evoked her go-to campaign platform: the “war on women.”

Trump, not one to roll over when being attacked, shot back via Twitter, one of his favorite mediums, where he warned Hillary to “be careful” and steer clear of playing this “war on women” card.

Trump is absolutely correct; Clinton (choose either one) happens to be the face of the “war on women.” Hillary's continuous choice to evoke the gender card leaves her dripping with hypocrisy.

"Hillary, when you complain about "a penchant for sexism," who are you referring to. I have great respect for women. BE CAREFUL!"

Donald Trump

One way such hypocrisy is illustrated is through recorded audio of Mrs. Clinton laughing and fondly reminiscing about her heroic work of getting a child rapist off with a lesser sentence after working to get the one piece of physical evidence thrown out. The victim was 12 years old.

To make matters worse, Clinton alluded to knowing that the rapist was fully guilty via the leaked tape. “He took a lie detector test. I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs,” laughed Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton took me through Hell,” the victim has since said.

Also, did Hillary forget to whom she was married? Former president Bill Clinton has allegedly sexually victimized at least 14 women, has visited the disgusting “Orgy Island” multiple times with his pedophile pal, spent much time on the crassly nicknamed “Air Force F*ck” and reportedly had a busty blonde mistress code-named “Energizer” by secret service.

But through it all, Hillary “stood by her man," or, as Kurt Schlichter put it on CNN before getting his mic cut by Don Lemon, “enabled” the philandering and alleged sexual assaults which even included alleged rape.

It doesn’t stop there. Hillary and Bill reportedly acted to threaten, harass and burglarize the victims of her husband’s sexual deviance. Hillary appallingly bullied and threatened women in attempt to silence Bill’s numerous victims.

\]As Donald Trump has suggested, it is not wise for Hillary to pursue this course of action, and yes, Hillary should “be careful” when she embarks on this “war on women” in which she happens to be the foremost aggressor.