A woman in Colorado Springs has taken her identification with dogs one step too far, as her running seems to have a laxative effect.

According to police, the female jogger has repeatedly defecated in a neighborhood in the middle of her jog. Cathy Budde, a mother in the area, said her children came running to her to say they had seen the woman mid-squat. Budde said that she ran out and said: "Are you serious, are you really taking a poop right here in front of my kids?” The woman replied, “Yeah, sorry.” Budde continued, "I thought for sure she's mortified; it was an accident, she'll go get a dog bag and clean it up and never run here ever again. That was not the case."

Budde added, "I put a sign on the wall that's like 'please, I'm begging you, please stop.’ She ran by it like 15 times yesterday, and she still pooped."

Budde claims the woman has defecated in her neighborhood at least once a week for the last seven weeks.

Budde’s family has nicknamed the jogger “The Mad Pooper.” Budde added, “Two other times we’ve caught her — caught her yesterday — she changed up her time a little bit because she knew I was watching.”

Sgt. Johnathan Sharketti of the Colorado Springs Police Department warned that the jogger could be charged with indecent exposure and public defecation. He noted, “It’s abnormal, it’s not something I’ve seen in my career. For someone to repeatedly do such a thing … it’s uncharted territory for me.”

The Budde family pointed out that there are numerous restrooms less than a block away from the area where the woman runs; they said there is no doubt that her pooping is intentional.

The woman has also been sighted pooping in a Walgreens and in nearby backyards.