Melissa McCarthy Is Super Mad That Sean Spicer Stole Her Joke

Sean Spicer got even with SNL’s Melissa McCarthy in front of millions of people Sunday night at the Emmys, and McCarthy looked decidedly uncomfortable as he did it.

McCarthy had mocked Spicer back in February on SNL in what became a moment that went viral, as she was made up to look like him and conducted a mock press conference. At one point, McCarthy-As-Spicer, taking umbrage at a reporter’s question, lifted the lectern and charged toward the reporter.

At the Emmys, host Stephen Colbert, mocking President Trump’s exaggerated claims as to the crowd size at his inauguration, stated, “What really matters to Donald Trump is ratings. You've got to have the big numbers. And I certainly hope we achieve that tonight. Unfortunately, at this point, we have no way of knowing how big our audience is. I mean, is there anyone who could say how big the audience is. Sean, do you know?

Spicer walked out on stage pushing a portable lectern, which had even the leftist Hollywood celebrities laughing uproariously, while McCarthy did her best to mask her irritation, smiling uncomfortably:

The Los Angeles Times reported in April that the month before, when Spicer referenced her gag about the mobile lectern, McCarthy wasn’t happy about it. She said, “That’s the part I didn’t like. I was like ‘No! It’s not us’ making that joke, it’s 'we’re making that joke.' I had a moment of fear about that when he was like, ‘Don’t make me move the podium.’ I thought, 'No, that’s not your joke to make.'”

It’s no wonder McCarthy was territorial about the joke and resented Spicer appropriating it; after the initial gag ran on SNL, she doubled down by riding through the street on a mobile lectern:

Here’s the video of the original gag on SNL:

Funny thing about some comics; they can dish it out but when the shoe’s on the other foot . . .


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