NRA: Politicians Are Appeasing Islamic Terrorists While Disarming Americans

National Rifle Association News has a new video out called "Disarmament," in which NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre accuses politicians of appeasing Islamic terrorists while disarming the American citizenry.

The video begins with LaPierre saying, "What kind of government cares more about appeasing Islamic terrorists rather than defending the constitutional rights of its citizens? A government that would disarm us in the age of terror."

"Nothing would make us more vulnerable to generations of suffering and slaughter than the destruction of our Second Amendment," LaPierre continues.

But, politicians, with the help of the media, are planning to do exactly that, which would put the American people's survival at "the mercy of monsters."

"The greatest damage the terrorists could ever inflict upon us is disarmament at the hands of the political elites," LaPierre says. "But we will never offer our right to survive as a fool’s ransom to the world’s killers. Our freedom is what they fear most."

The full video can be seen below:


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