British MP: Country Would Be Better If ‘Whites’ Learned From Muslims

Conservative MP Anna Soubry said the U.K. would be a better place if those pesky white people would just learn more from Muslims.

Soubry spoke at an Eid-ul-Adha celebration event in Parliament, an Islamic holiday, where she praised Halimah Khaled — the first Muslim elected as Mayor in Nottinghamshire — and stated that “whites” could make the country better by learning from Muslims.

“And my goodness me, she and members of her community could teach many white British people many a good thing,” said Soubry. “And if my community, such as it is, learned more from your community, this country would be a better country.”

Soubry also vowed to investigate why there is no legal definition of Islamophobia currently in place in the U.K., as she blames Brexit for “ignorance” and a rise in “hate crimes” against Muslims — while refusing to acknowledge the recent horrific terrorist attacks in Manchester and London as possible explanations.

Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer also blamed Brexit for what he said was a spike in “anti-Muslim hate crime” recorded in the last few months — a timeline that does not make sense as the referendum happened 15 months ago.

″Whatever you voted, one of the tragedies of Brexit is the way it has emphasized division and difference and different communities,” said Starmer. “I think that we all have a duty to work together to bring our communities back together, to bring our country back together, and deal with some of the hatred that has fallen out of that.”

What is far more likely is that the increase in alleged hate crime against the Muslim community in the last few months stems from the Islamic terrorist attack in Manchester in May where a suicide bomber blew himself up at an Ariana Grande concert filled with young girls — a bombing that killed 22 and injured 116 others.

In March, an Islamic terrorist attack in London killed five when Khalid Masood, 52, drove over dozens of people before crashing and fatally stabbing a police officer. The attack resulted in a total of 49 injuries, 30 of which required hospitalization, seven of which were life-threatening injuries.

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