Harvard University will pay select students $11 per hour to serve as "diversity peer educators," according to a job posting obtained by Campus Reform.

The elite Ivy League school is asking for 20 "DPEs" to be the student-facing part of Harvard's Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, serve as "student ambassadors" to their peers and roommates, and to host "special events on campus."

DPE students will also be called upon to host "brave spaces across campus” where students can feel empowered to “advocate” for social justice and “amplify the voices that need to be heard.” That includes in dorms; OEDI is opening a satellite office in one of Harvard's student buildings, and DPE workers will staff that office two hours per week, evangelizing to fellow students about their saving grace, social justice.

According to the job application site, the position will be learn-on-the-job, though experience in articulating "social justice, diversity, and inclusion issues," is preferred. Students looking to apply to be peer educators should also know they'll be required to keep abreast of campus current events and the "general campus climate." DPEs will be kept up to date in weekly staff meetings, just in case something pops up.

According to CR, The "diversity peer educator" program appears to be a new addition to Harvard's student job opportunity repertoire. Although students have held diversity peer education events in the past, the first mention of DPEs specifically happened after November 9, 2016, when DPEs facilitated an emotional support event to help students cope with President Donald Trump's election.