As a pediatric ophthalmologist, I never thought much about politics beyond the usual shaking my head “what are they thinking?” Last year while attending a charity benefit for homeless veterans, I learned the Republicans were not even challenging Democrat incumbent Ted Lieu in 2016. I thought it might be because he was doing a great job, but no.

In 2015 Ted Lieu petitioned President Obama to bring a minimum of 200,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees to America, and yet in the same year he voted against the SAFE ACT for extended background checks. Another Ted Lieu gem is his “No Money Bail” bill, which allows criminals to be released without bail. The first responsibility of government is the safety of its citizens. Representative Lieu has traded the safety of Californians and all Americans for the “virtue” of political pandering.

Political pandering at the expense of our citizens doesn’t make my list of virtues. In Congress I will:

  • Fight to secure our borders and be careful about who enters our country.
  • Decrease the size and scope of government.
  • Ensure our Veterans get at least the quality of medical care as that of our Congressmen. Our Veterans deserve the best care and it is time they receive it.
  • Reduce taxes and burdensome, unnecessary regulations.
  • Repealing and replacing Obama Care is a top priority.
  • As a surfer, the importance of clean air, clean water and protecting our planet is close to my heart. Making Al Gore and the like rich, not so much.
  • Initiate integrated programs offering education, job opportunities and neighborhood security. These programs are similar to the Homeboy Industries® model for rehabilitating ex-gang members with education & jobs.
  • Contributing to my community has always been a priority in my life. My eye clinic for underprivileged children in LA has shown me the many victims of the shameful crisis in our inner cities. It’s time we try “helping with a hand up rather than a hand out” as the Great Society welfare programs started in the 1960’s have failed, and in some ways, has even made things worse.

Help me make 2018 the year we send a clear message that we demand real change from business-as-usual and send the career politicians home.


Kenneth W. Wright, M.D.

Candidate for U.S. Congress 2018 District 33