In her new book, What Happened, Hillary Clinton, in her time-honored way, plays victim yet again, likening the supporters at Trump rallies in 2016 shouting “Guilty!” in reference to Clinton to the religious crowd screaming “Shame! Shame!" at the arch-villainess of Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister, as she strode naked through the streets.

So to Clinton, Trump supporters have now gone from being “deplorables” to “religious zealots.” That’s rather tone-deaf from someone who served in the Obama Administration, when the worship of him was so intense that there was a sand sculpture deifying him in Charlotte near the 2012 Democratic National Convention, and the ubiquitous donkey symbolizing the Democratic Party since 1828 was jettisoned in favor of the Obama symbol.

But even more tone deaf in the passage quoted above is the notion that Hillary identifies with the worst villainess the television industry has ever produced; a woman who is ruthless to the point of murdering her daughter-in-law despite knowing that her son adores her; a woman who gets her husband murdered, and a woman who likely ordered the slaughter of the illegitimate babies sired by her husband.

At least thinking of herself as Cersei Lannister was only a fancy in Clinton’s head; the reality of her walking naked in public is too much for the mind to handle.