Non-White Millennials Stun Teachers' Unions: Huge Majority Favor School Vouchers

A new survey shows a huge majority of non-white millennials have gotten fed up with the public school system in America, and are championing something sure to infuriate Democrats and teachers’ unions bent on public school indoctrination: publicly-funded vouchers for students’ tuition at private schools.

The GenForward Project at the University of Chicago produced the survey, which found 79% of blacks, 76% of Asian-Americans, and 77% of Latinos support vouchers for low-income students to attend private schools. 66% of whites agreed.

Further, 65% of blacks supported charter schools, as did 61% of Asian-Americans and 58% of Latinos. According to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, roughly 3.1 million students attend charter schools nationwide.

On the other hand, millennials still harbor leftist perspectives regarding college: over two-thirds of them support free tuition at public colleges. Additionally, large majorities of them supported “limiting, in at least extreme cases, offensive speech on college campuses.” And finally, they still favor throwing money into education, supporting an increase in school funding and teacher pay.

According to the survey, roughly 19% of millennials identified as Latino, 13% as black, and 6% as Asian-American. All of the groups, white and non-white, leaned toward giving public schools in their communities a “C” grade.


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