Carlson: Google 'Looks Like A Monopoly To Me'

Asks what Google's power means for American democracy

“[Google] certainly looks like a monopoly to me,” said Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson on his eponymous program’s Monday airing, inviting Yelp’s Luther Lowe to exposit on Google’s market dominance of the internet search market.

Partial transcript below.

LOWE: It’s not illegal to have a monopoly. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is when you leverage that dominance and then unfairly go after these smaller competitors in adjacent markets.

CARLSON: When you crush your competition.

LOWE: Exactly.

CARLSON: And then you eliminate choice for consumers.

LOWE: Exactly.

Lowe neglected to comment on threats to freedom of speech and democracy presented by Google’s ascendance when invited to do so by Carlson.

Watch the segment below.

Google recently terminated a software engineer, James Damore, for challenging neo-Marxist orthodoxy pertaining to power struggles between various groups defined along the lines of race, ethnicity, and sex.

Damore speculated that Google’s racial, ethnic, and sexual considerations in its human resource management are violative of federal anti-discrimination laws.

Weeks ago, Google’s practice of silencing political criticisms of its business practices via the purchasing of influence at ostensibly non-profit think tanks was reported on in The New York Times.

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