60 Minutes' big interview with Steve Bannon — Breitbart News chairman and former chief strategist to President Trump — was crammed with what both fans and critics of Bannon have come to expect: a lot of explosive claims designed to antagonize establishment Republicans and "the opposition party" in the media.

One claim that has been making the rounds, however, did not come from Bannon, but rather from photographer Peter Duke, who accused the 60 Minutes team of deliberately editing the video to make Bannon look like a "red-eyed monster." Here's the video Duke posted on YouTube accusing CBS of deliberately manipulating viewers through color correction techniques that make Bannon's lips and eyelids look unnaturally red:

Pretty convincing stuff, huh? Well, 60 Minutes doesn't think so. When Decider reached out for a response to the claim, CBS offered whatever you call the opposite of the "thou doth protest too much" reaction.

"It's nonsense," they told Decider.

Whether the 60 Minutes crew deliberately made the face of the right-wing populist movement look like the devil or not, the real question is why so many people are ready to believe that CBS would manipulate viewers for ideological reasons. That question is the story that CBS and its colleagues do not want to cover. The truth is, poll after poll shows that a majority of Americans have learned over the years not to trust the media and thus have a hard time believing anything that's supposed to be an objective and straightforward presentation of reality coming from the likes of CBS.

As for Bannon's various establishment-tweaking claims in the interview, here's a couple:

"Bannon To CBS' Rose: 'Limousine Liberals' Like You Hype White Supremacist Threat"

"Bannon: Absolutely 'Going To War' With McConnell/Ryan"