On Sunday night, in Plano, Texas, a recently-divorced woman who was hosting a football watch party was murdered along with six other people when her-ex-husband arrived and allegedly opened fire. The ex-husband, who injured two others critically in the attack, was later shot and killed by police.

According to her mother Debbie Lane, 27-year-old Meredith Hight had started the party with her guests as they watched the Atlanta Falcons game before they watched the Dallas Cowboys game. Debbie Lane told WFAA that her daughter, who had been married six years before she and her husband divorced, owned the home where the attack occurred.

Hight and her husband bought the house in 2015, but became estranged last March before they sought a divorce in July; Monday would have been their sixth wedding anniversary.

Debbie Lane said, “She was a cook, and a quite fine one, and she loved hosting friends and families. This was her first opportunity to do it after the divorce and he didn’t take it well.”

Officer David Tilley of the Plano police department stated, "The first arriving officer on scene made entry inside the house, confronted the suspect, ultimately shooting and killing him.” He added, "I've been here all my life. I've never heard of anything like this."

An eyewitness told WFAA she heard between 30 to 40 shots just after 8 p.m. as well as a woman and man fighting before the shooting.