AGAIN: Nye Connects Irma To 'Climate Change'

Bill Nye hyped "climate change" in relation to Hurricane Irma during a recent run-in with TMZ.

Nye alluded to “climate deniers,” a term coined by leftists to smear those who reject the narrative of “climate change."

Partial transcript below.

TMZ: Quick question.

NYE: Yeah, sure.

TMZ: You know, we're going through Hurricane Irma, right now, we have Harvey and Jose and Katia building up steam, is this the new normal?

NYE: Well, we’ll see. It’s hard to connect any one storm to climate change, but there’s more heat energy in the atmosphere, so you’d expect stronger storms.

TMZ: So you don’t see it as a direct connection?

NYE: I see it as a connection, but as I say, the deniers will find a way to show that you can’t connect any one storm [to climate change]. But, this is probably the future. We’ve been talking about it for 30 years. It would be great to get to work. Wouldn’t it be great to be a world leader instead of a sit-on-your-handser? It’s a very expensive thing. I was in Florida right after Hurricane Andrew. It was a mess, and people died. It’s a mess. We’ve gotta do something.

Watch the video below.

Nye was harshly repudiated by Ryan Maue, a meteorologist, last week for making the same claim:

The New Republic a self-described "progressive" news outlet — worries that Nye is damaging the "climate change" narrative:

Nye’s response to this critique, as he said to the Post, is that “it doesn’t take ... a meteorologist to comprehend the perils of climate change.” That is true. But comprehending climate change is one thing; explaining it and defending it effectively is another. Historically, Nye has done that; lately, not so much. It seems that years of political debate have made him too jaded, exasperated, strident, and partisan to be the face of the climate change fight. Worse, he’s unwittingly feeding the conservative narrative that the left’s reverence for science is all just a political performance.

“Climate change” is a euphemism used by leftists for the narrative of anthropogenic global warming; asserting that human activity — specifically the burning of fossil fuels — is warming the globe and ushering in ecological catastrophe.


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