According to a report released Monday, Canada – the country that claimed they would open their arms to the world's refugees – has been deporting those same refugees back to worn-torn countries in record numbers.

Faced with a growing illegal immigration crisis, Justin Trudeau's government has been taking extreme measures to ensure Canada's immigration laws are duly enforced, and that includes "removing" anyone who doesn't follow Canada's strict rules for migrating into the country.

"Between January 2014 and Sept. 6, 2017, Canada sent 249 people to 11 countries for which the government had suspended or deferred deportations because of dangers to civilians," Reuters reported, after obtaining confidential government documents outlining Canada's increased deportation plan.

That number includes 134 refugees returned to Iraq, likely fleeing ISIS, and 43 refugees returned to Afghanistan. The number of "returns" to Iraq has already doubled so far this year, as well. By this time in 2016, Canada had deported only around 20 people back to the Middle East, to a country the Canadian government deems unsafe. Already this year, the government has deported 50 Iraqi refugees.

The US, by contrast, is currently barred from deporting any Iraqi refugees, thanks to a court order issued earlier in the summer staying the deportations until an appeals process is finished.

Canadian officials claimed to Reuters that the process is "humanitarian" and that those refugees facing deportation are afforded due process rights, and that they have recourse to appeal an unfavorable decision.

But, even as its clear Canada just wants to execute their rules on immigration in a fair manner, which respects their national sovereignty and the safety of Canadian citizens, that's a far cry from how Justin Trudeau claimed they'd operate in the days after Donald Trump announced new immigration restrictions for the United States.

The liberal prime minister Tweeted in January that, "To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada."

He failed to mention their stay in Canada would be short, and that they'd be returned to their home countries if they did not follow Canada's immigration law to the letter.

But Canada is facing an unprecedented spike in illegal immigration and is struggling to keep things under control. Even Trudeau has changed his tune, warning, repeatedly, that Canada will enforce its strict immigration laws.