Pope: If Trump Is 'A Good Pro-Lifer,' He Should Support Illegal Immigrants

On Monday, Pope Francis gave a press conference at which he ripped into President Trump’s decision to curb President Obama’s executive amnesty, essentially stating that pro-lifers could not be strong on the border. Francis explained, “The President of the United States present himself as pro-life and if he is a good pro-lifer, he understands that family is the cradle of life and its unity must be protected.” Francis added that he was “hopeful that it will be rethought.”

That wasn’t Francis’ only polemical moment of the day: he also stated that those who denied the connection between Hurricanes Irma and Harvey and global warming should rethink their position. “Whoever denies it has to go to the scientists and ask them,” he stated. “They speak very clearly, scientists are precise.”

What does any of this have to do with gospel? Not much. To alienate pro-lifers who wish to protect the borders of the United States only serves to demean the pro-life message; to preach about global warming while ignoring the plight of the poverty-stricken who will suffer without a cheap supply of energy is controversial, to say the least.

This shouldn’t be totally surprising. Pope Francis has had a long association with leftist religious theology, of course. As I wrote in February 2016:

As The New York Times reported last May, Pope Francis now regularly hosts Father Guitterez, a founder of liberation theology; they state, “Francis has brought other Latin American priests into favor and often uses language about the poor that has echoes of liberation theology.” All of this would appall Pope John Paul II, who said, “This conception of Christ as a political figure, a revolutionary, as the subversive of Nazareth does not tally with the church’s catechism.” Pope Benedict XVI said liberation theology was a “singular heresy” and “fundamental threat” to the Catholic Church.

Conservative religious leaders are constantly singled out by the press for speaking out on issues ranging from abortion to same-sex marriage. But when Pope Francis mouths leftist talking points, they repeat it ad nauseum. Pope Francis surely knows that, which is why he should utilize the opportunity presented by his popularity to push religious-based doctrine the left isn’t so fond of.

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