Donald Trump Jr. Obliterates Michael Moore Over His Idiotic Tweet

On Friday, long before Hurricane Irma hit Florida, filmmaker Michael Moore sent out a tweet.

Liberals used this tactic quite successfully during Hurricane Harvey in Houston, targeting preacher Joel Osteen for not opening his massive arena to those fleeing the storm (he did, but only after the water in the flooded facility receded).

So, Moore decided to use the same attack against President Trump, demanding that he open his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, as a hurricane shelter for those escaping Irma's wrath.

On Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. fired back on Twitter.

That's right. Mar-a-Lago was dead in the path of the hurricane, smashed by 130 mile per hour winds and torrential rain as Irma's eye moved on shore.

Twitterers had a field day.

As The Daily Wire noted on Sunday, Moore owns nine properties, none of which happen to be in a hurricane evacuation zone (most are in Michigan or New York City). Since he's clearly not using all nine, perhaps he could open up one or two to hurricane refugees.


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