Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume had some choice words for President Trump regarding his recent deal with the Democrats.

When asked by host Chris Wallace what he thinks of “the president siding with — and I can't say it enough — Chuck and Nancy … and undercutting” Republicans and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Hume replied:

No doubt Chuck and Nancy were happy. He got rolled; the president got rolled, and his administration, therefore, got rolled because as you pointed out correctly, doing this short-term deal attached to the Hurricane Harvey money, which was a must-pass, and therefore a good vehicle to do a longer debt limit extension and perhaps other things as well, is now a three month deal — and we're right back where we started except without the Hurricane Harvey leverage when December rolls around.

So it's a terrible deal. And I think the president, he wanted to sign something, so he got something to sign — but he got rolled.

Hume also noted the hubbub about a “new alliance” is overblown:

The different issues that now are coming along, you know, tax reform, the border wall, and the rest of it, Obamacare — Chuck and Nancy aren't going to be with him on those things. So, this new so-called alliance, it seems to me is more likely to be a one-off than it is the beginning of some new coalition that's going to last, and abolish, as The New York Times headline suggested today, two-party rule. It's ridiculous.

H/T: Washington Free Beacon.