NewsWhip: Daily Wire Top Conservative Site In Facebook Engagement For August 2017

"There’s a new name among the leading sites ..."

According to a new analysis, The Daily Wire was the top conservative news site in Facebook engagement for August 2017 — and 12th of all English-language publishers.

NewsWhip Analytics reports that the Fox News family of sites led all English-language publishers for August in total Facebook engagements — a key metric which includes shares, likes, comments and other reactions from users — with an impressive 31 million. Fox News includes all Fox affiliates, thus Fox Business Network, local Fox affiliates, etc. In total, Fox News posted nearly 55,000 articles in August.

The Daily Wire, which ranked 12th overall and first among self-described conservative news sites, earned a remarkable 15.5 million engagements with 1,213 articles — a fraction of the total number of stories produced by most of the other leading publishers, meaning The Daily Wire's reader engagement levels far outpace many of its competitors. Those 15.5 million engagements, NewsWhip notes, is a 63% increase for The Daily Wire from July.

Here's the list of the top 25 publishers for August 2017 provided by NewsWhip:

After its analysis of the three biggest leaders — Fox News, Huff Post and CNN — NewsWhip pauses to highlight a "new name among the leading sites," The Daily Wire. Here's the passage:

There’s a new name among the leading sites in the Daily Wire, which comes in in 12th place overall. Describing itself as a ‘hard-hitting and irreverent’ news site, the Daily Wire has grown a significant conservative audience on Facebook, and coverage of protests and other political movements last month was enough to grow the site’s Facebook engagement by 63 percent since July.

NewsWhip notes that stories involving the tragic events in Charlottesville and Hurricane Harvey dominated the news cycle in August. Huff Post gained a great deal of engagements from Harvey stories, nearly matching Fox News with 29 million for the month. CNN also saw a surge in engagements, totaling 27.3 million, up 7 million from July.

Below is a closer look at the top 10 publishers:

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