Not A Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth, written by Dr. Everett Piper with Bill Blankschaen, is a nonfiction book that provides an analysis of the growing problem of entitlement on college campuses. It is a timely examination of the "special snowflake" students that are stepping into classes.

The author breaks down how universities, both public and private, are permitting students to allow their ‘"feelings" to dictate teaching and disciplinary policy on campus. This creates a problem as places of higher learning are transforming from educational institutions into daycare centers that coddle their students instead of preparing them for the real world.

Not A Day Care does an excellent job of breaking down the issue and offering common sense solutions to address the growing entitlement of college students. The author recommends that university officials eschew pandering to the special snowflakes, instead offering them guidance in both an expansive education and morality. He writes about the issue with concern, but also with hope in a way that is easy to understand.

Dr. Piper knows more about this topic than most people. He has personally dealt with these special snowflakes in his capacity as a college professor and as the president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. He relays a story about a student who was having trouble adjusting to life on college campus. When he spoke to the student, he tried to encourage her to stay at the college, as flying home would be too costly. To his surprise, the student’s mother had already bought her a ticket. As he described it, it was "a ticket to fail."

This book is engaging and thoughtful. It brings an eye-opening account of a growing problem within our nation's universities and colleges, but instead of just reporting the problems, Not A Day Care gives realistic solutions on how young Americans can get a decent education.