has nearly 300,000,000 page views a day. The site can revive the career of a Hollywood star (like it's done with Brendan Frazer) or devastate a loveable TV icon (as it did with Woody Harrelson -- read "When a celebrity’s ‘Ask me Anything’ on Reddit goes wrong," from The Washington Post).

The massive website has a subreddit called The_Donald, dedicated to loving President Trump -- and taking on his many critics. That includes politicians, the mainstream media --even novelist Stephen King.

The horror author last week "banned" Trump from seeing the upcoming movie adaptation of his creepy-clown novel, It.

So, of course, The_Donald, with its nearly 500,000 subscribers, took aim at the horror author.

"Okay, Everyone. Please DO NOT go see Stephen King's new 'IT' movie this weekend when it opens. If you have to see it, wait till after opening weekend so he has a lousy showing this week. Trump stands up for us, so we should stand up for him!" That was the title of a post put up this week, and it drew more than 300 comments.

"Keep your idiot politics to yourself. I go to see a movie to relax, not to constantly get made fun of for being conservative. You say you don't want Trump supporters' money? We'll see..." one redditor wrote.

"Seriously? Is Stephen Kink delusional that with everything going on that Trump has even considered going to see IT? This is ego out of control. The real Clown is King," wrote another.

"Not only this weekend, but never. I don't need to fill my mind with their messages in their movies, and not a dime of mine will go to people who trash my president and my country," said a third.

King's new movie opens on Friday and by all estimates it'll be a blockbuster.

But never underestimate the power of Reddit. Just ask Woody Harrelson.