CNN mocked failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday for visiting Wisconsin and Michigan on her book tour — states that she ignored during the presidential election which ultimately cost her the election.

CNN’s John King mocked Hillary Clinton Wednesday on Inside Politics for visiting the very states she ignored during the 2016 election.

“Is it snarky to raise this question? On her book tour, she’s going to Michigan and Wisconsin, really?” King asked as he tried not to laugh.

“Really? Really?” he asked before finally laughing.

The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Bender also tried not to laugh as he responded to King.

“I’m not sure how many fans she has out there,” Bender said. “Finally, she gets out there and sees some of Trump country,” he added.

During the 2016 presidential election campaign, Hillary Clinton made questionable calls as to what states she chose to visit during the lead up to November 8.

She visited Texas, a deep red state, while she neglected states like Michigan and Wisconsin because she and her team believed that those states were part of the Democrat’s “blue wall” which Donald Trump broke down on his way to winning the election.

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