South Korea is plotting to build a massive new missile to obliterate North Korea's underground military facilities. Its name: the Frankenmissile.

The Frankenmissile plans involve a fusion of two ballistic missiles into one, giving it the capability of holding a 4,000-pound warhead, weaning South Korea off its reliance on America's bunker-buster bombs.

South Korea can easily strike any part of North Korea, but they had been hindered by the 1,102 pound cap on warhead sizes set in a 2012 agreement with the United States. President Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-In agreed to recently remove that cap, although South Korea will still be bound by a 500-mile long cap on missile range.

"The measure would dramatically boost South Korea’s retaliation capability against North Korea," Korea National Defense University Professor Kwon Yong-soo told The Independent. "With a 1-ton warhead ballistic missile, South Korea could target almost all of North Korea’s underground facilities."

The Frankenmissile isn't quite as powerful as the U.S.' Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) weapon, and North Korea has previously gloated to having its own Frankenmissile, although it is believed their version failed during tests in April. Still, the Frankenmissile serves as a valuable weapon for South Korea to have.

South Korea also plans on establishing a "decapitation strike team" by December 1 to receive training with Seal Team Six in assassinating key figures of the North Korea regime — including Kim Jong Un himself — in the event of a war with North Korea.

North Korea, of course, has been in the news lately due to its recent threats toward the United States and testing a hydrogen bomb. South Korea is smart to be targeting North Korea's underground military facilities, as that's where the majority of them are located, including facilities to enrich uranium. Any strike on North Korea would have to focus on their underground facilities in order to truly take them out.

South Korea will soon be able to do that with their Frankenmissile and put the Kim regime on notice.

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