San Francisco Lawyers Guild: 'We Are All Antifa'

Uh, no we're not!

The far left National Lawyers Guild (NLG) of the equally far left San Francisco has declared "We are all Antifa," a group of militant anarchists.

In an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle, the group extols the actions of Antifa by side-stepping their violence.

Last month, thousands gathered in San Francisco and Berkeley to defeat the hatred of fascism and white supremacy. A united front of labor, clergy, students, socialists, anarchists and others successfully prevented the fascists from holding their rallies. …

Despite our victory, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin called for antifa to be classified as a criminal gang. The lesson here is that we cannot depend on the government to meaningfully intervene and prevent the rise of fascism. That is up to us.

The guild is, of course, referring to comments made by the Mayor of Berkeley where he said, “There are organized groups — violent extremists groups — on the left and right that have encouraged people to come to Berkeley and physically confront the antifa or to confront the alt-right."

His comments were made in response to black-clad Antifa members beating people in the streets.

The piece continues:

This campaign to recast antifa as a violent, leftist suppression of speech is a dangerous effort eerily reminiscent of the left-baiting that accompanied the Nazi rise to power.

The National Lawyers Guild won’t stand by as fascists and white supremacists seek to take power in the streets and halls of government. We stand in solidarity with all who fight hatred. We will continue to show up, to defend activists who challenge fascism, and we call on all people of conscience to do the same.

Contrary to the NLG's claim that Antifa has been falsely tarred and feathered as violent anarchists, the Department of Homeland Security previously labeled their actions "domestic terrorism" after they inflicted a million dollars' worth of damage on private property following Trump's election.

San Francisco has given Antifa its biggest stage because of Berkeley, but the black clad "anti-fascists" have proven even worse in other parts of the country. As Daily Wire noted recently, "The Antifa group in Portland, known as Rose City Antifa, is particularly violent" and has "targeted Republican organizations and student groups, threatening to shut down events with violence."

The left-leaning Oregonian newspaper has called Rose City Antifa’s rampage the worst political violence in a generation.

We are definitely not all Antifa.


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