On Monday, Big Bang Theory Executive Producer Bill Prady said he was unsure if honor killings committed by Muslim parents were okay or not, explaining that he needs more "education" on the matter before offering a response.

Talk about being woke.

Honor killings are popular in the Muslim world, typically targeting young females who've "dishonored" their families by, for example, being raped and thus committing "adultery" if she's married or a defiled non-virgin. According to Prady, this might be A-OK since he is such a strong believer in religious freedom.

We can only assume Prady is a staunch supporter of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Hobby Lobby, and Christian bakers who refuse to make wedding cakes for same-sex nuptials.


After receiving backlash online for his cowardly take on honor killings, Prady engaged is some of the weakest damage control to date. The producer insisted he was confused by the question; he thought Founder and President of Culture of Life Africa Obianuju Ekeocha, whom he was engaged in a discussion with regarding religious freedom and abortion, was asking if Muslim parents should be allowed to engage in "killing pregnant women."

You see, he merely needed more "education" before condemning the religious murder of pregnant women, or something.

Prady has since deleted the damning tweet and apologized for his remarks by claiming confusion.

But despite this apology, seemingly coaxed by an onslaught of backlash and likely potential bad publicity for his show, Prady's initial reaction to reject an outright condemnation of Muslim honor killings is incredibly telling. Liberals like Prady think of themselves and how they are to be perceived by others above all else, even above the most vulnerable Muslims they claim to care about so much. Paralyzed by his fear of being seen as xenophobic or racist like those nasty Republicans, Prady chose to offer a tacit endorsement of Muslim honor killings, or, possibly, "killing pregnant women" in the name of Allah.

At the time of the remarks, the executive producer was entrenching in a back and forth with Ekeocha, in which Prady suggested abortion was supported by the Bible. Shockingly, after the pro-lifer cleaned the producer's clock on the issue, Prady blocked Ekocha on Twitter.

And liberals wonder how we ended up with a brash reality star with no political experience who routinely gives the middle finger to political correctness.