On Monday, Planned Parenthood sent out a sickly ironic tweet about the DACA program:

Some twitter users called the abortion organization out on the irony:

One has to wonder if the team responsible for writing Planned Parenthood’s tweets is really aware of what the organization does. Abortion activists speak in metaphors and tell patent falsehoods regarding fetal development. As a result, many “pro-choice” Americans don't actually know what an abortion procedure entails.

Live Action, a pro-life group, conducted an experiment in which they spoke with people on the street who identified as “pro-choice.” After asking the participants a few questions, they showed them an animated video, narrated by former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino, depicting various termination procedures as they actually occur. After the conclusion of the video, most of the “pro-choice” participants were visibly shocked by what they saw.

The abortion industry works very hard to keep people from seeing what really goes into their procedures. They know that if more Americans were exposed to the savagery of abortion, they would rightfully find it abhorrent, and the industry would collapse.

Maybe those who wrote the tweet are simply unaware. Well, here's the truth: