New Voter ID Lawsuit The Latest Example Of Democratic Virtue Signaling

According to The Washington Free Beacon, “the League of Woman Voters and three individuals are suing the state of New Hampshire in an attempt to block a law on voter registration that includes requirements such as providing a driver's license to prove an individual's primary residence is in the state and will be living in the state for a substantial time.”

Yet another voter ID battle is playing out, and once again, a man named Marc Elias is involved.

Elias, who was a Clinton campaign lawyer, has filed voter ID lawsuits in other states, such as Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, reports the Free Beacon. Unsurprisingly, the Ohio Organizing Collaborative — one of the groups for whom Elias was an attorney — was “investigated for fraudulent voter registrations,” and “a canvasser for the group pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months in prison for falsifying voter registrations, which included registering dead people to vote.”

Here's what's really going on: voter ID lawsuits are one of many ways by which the Democratic Party uses identity politics to gain voters. These lawsuits aren't about protecting minorities, the elderly, or any other allegedly disenfranchised voting block. These lawsuits are designed to make Democrats look righteous, and the opposition look treacherous. It's that simple.

While many progressives oppose voter ID laws because Democratic Party politicians stand to gain from illegal votes, that's an ancillary benefit to the good PR accrued by these public fights.

Republicans craft voter ID laws in order to combat real and potential voter fraud. The crime over which the Ohio canvasser pleaded guilty is just one of many documented examples of voter fraud investigations — cases which you can read about here, here, here, here, and here.

A simple Google search reveals that voter fraud investigations are far more common than the Democratic Party wants us to believe.

To the average American, skirmishes over voter ID laws make it appear as though progressives are fighting the good fight against a horde of Republicans who want nothing more than to keep minorities and other disenfranchised peoples from exercising their right to vote. As mentioned above, this makes progressives look virtuous, and conservatives look evil, leading non-politically savvy Americans to vote for Democratic politicians.

Democrats have benefited from this recurring PR stunt for years. The case in New Hampshire will be no different.


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