Rapper To Trump: Don't Come To Our Houston Benefit Telethon Unless You Bring Obama

Famous Houston rapper Bun B, who is organizing a September 12 telethon to support victims of Hurricane Harvey, says President Trump is not invited unless he is joined by former presidents of the United States.

Bun B told TMZ, "Putting Trump on by himself would send the wrong message and people wouldn't buy the sincerity of it," adding, “After what he did in Charlottesville, he's not a symbol of unity and it would rub people the wrong way."

Bun B said getting all the presidents together, "all of whom have had their issues," would display unity. He added that ideally, it would be Trump and Obama alone, showing that despite their differences, they stood together vis-à-vis Houston. He was adamant about his refusal to have Trump on the telethon alone, saying with total unawareness of Obama’s legacy, "We don't need a teleprompter President."

The telethon will be broadcast on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX from 8-9 p.m.

Bun B called for unity among Americans, stating:

In light of everything we’ve seen in this country prior to this, this catastrophe that we’re dealing with, I think that the popular notion was that America didn’t get along and it’s going to be hard for America to come together, but I think what we are seeing right now, with all of these people coming from all different states around the country and all of the different cities, you know, we don’t all get along, and we may fight, but we’re family, and when family’s in distress, we come together, and Houston is an example. The South, Texas, Louisiana coastline, it’s an example of what Americans will do: we stand together; we will help each other despite the rhetoric that comes from the loudest mouths in the room. When it comes down to it, humans will help humans, Houstonians will help Houstonians and that’s what this telethon is all about.

After Trump's victory last November, Bun B theorized that Trump won because "he was going into cities where no one that famous had ever been," adding that Hillary Clinton was overconfident and simply assumed they would win states the Democrats had won in the past. He stated, “They had always been used to going up against people, they never had to go up against a brand. America didn’t elect a man; they elected a brand. It’s a lot easier for people to get behind a brand than it is a person.”


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