Ben Shapiro Makes Cameo in Barbara Walters' 'Most Interesting Person' Profile of Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner has been chosen as Barbara Walters' "Most Fascinating Person" because, according to Walters, Jenner has "transformed society this year."

In an announcement of the decision and a preview for the interview to come with Jenner, ABC News ran a promotional video in which The Daily Wire’s Editor-in-Chief, Ben Shapiro, was given a brief cameo appearance as what can only be described as "the villain."

After the video thoroughly praises Jenner, Walters speaks of the "Most Fascinating Person" as "a lightning rod for criticism." The scene then cuts to an edited clip of Shapiro on the "Dr. Drew Show."

"Self-definition is what you do. I wasn’t aware you get a medal for it."

Ben Shapiro

"Did she deserve this award?" asked Dr. Drew, speaking of Jenner receiving the coveted ESPN Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

"For what? Self-definition is what you do. I wasn’t aware you get a medal for it," answered Shapiro directly.

The quick clip is obviously intended to paint Shapiro as an intolerant bigot for not, as he calls it, "mainstreaming delusion." Shapiro has been outspoken in his belief that we should focus our attention on finding "cures and actual solutions" to the unfortunate mental disorder as opposed to celebrating the illness, which he has viewed as cruel.

Ironically, the short clip of the successful conservative intended to castigate him as intolerant was cut from an interview where Shapiro himself was victimized, threatened and physically grabbed by Zoey Tur, a transgender activist who was also a panelist. While Tur physically threatened Shapiro, the rest of the guests echoed the cries of intolerance concerning, stunningly, the victim of the threat. Following the show, Shapiro was again threatened via Twitter by Tur when the transgender activist wrote that he wanted to "curb-stomp" Shapiro. So much for "tolerance."

But, of course, the victimization of Shapiro did not find its way into ABC’s promotional video.

Here's the interview with Shapiro on the "Dr. Drew Show":


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