Sarah Palin Stars as Tina Fey!

Sarah Palin has been Tina Fey's most successful SNL character by far, and Palin has always been a real sport about it, even appearing on the show as herself. But now she's stepping into the batter's box and taking her swing at lampooning Fey in a new light-hearted and well-made parody of NBC's 30 Rock that's making the rounds.

Via the video's description:

Sarah Palin stars in Independent Journal's new comedy about a small-town TV writer who moves to NYC in hopes of creating a hit variety show. Also starring Kevin Brown (Dot Com), Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain

Over the weekend, Fey reprised her impersonation of Palin on SNL in a nightmare-inducing sketch involving two Hillary Clintons, and IJReview, who put out the video above, sums it up well with their headline: "Tina Fey Mocks Sarah Palin on SNL Again—Then Palin Has the Perfect Comeback."

Yes, she did.

Next up for Palin, mastering Alec Baldwin's uncanny Tracy Morgan impression...

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