Leftists RAGE After Evangelical Leaders Sign 'Nashville Statement' Affirming Biblical View Of Sexuality

“The spirit of our age does not delight in God’s good design"

The sexual revolution has inflicted great damage on Western culture, producing broken homes, out-of-wedlock births, abortion, the redefinition of marriage, and now the promulgation of transgender theory, indoctrination from which even kindergarteners are not exempt. To combat this seemingly unstoppable movement, a group of high-profile evangelical leaders, from John Piper to Francis Chan to Tony Perkins, signed what is now known as “The Nashville Statement,” affirming the biblical notion of sexuality, marriage, family, and gender.

In the statement's preamble, the evangelical leaders declare the 21st century post-Christian, something the West has not seen in over 1000 years, and one of rising secularism that has confused the masses and corrupted Christian thought.

This secular spirit of our age presents a great challenge to the Christian church. Will the church of the Lord Jesus Christ lose her biblical conviction, clarity, and courage, and blend into the spirit of the age? Or will she hold fast to the word of life, draw courage from Jesus, and unashamedly proclaim his way as the way of life? Will she maintain her clear, counter-cultural witness to a world that seems bent on ruin?

The statement contains 14 articles, each affirming a different facet of biblical teaching on human sexuality, including heterosexual sins of divorce and pre-marital sex. On homosexuality, the statement reaffirms it as a sin while simultaneously calling for compassion and kindness toward those same-sex attracted brethren.

“We affirm that God has designed marriage to be covenantal, sexual, procreative, lifelong union of one man and one woman, as husband and wife and is meant to signify the covenant love between Christ and his bride the church,” reads the statement.

“We deny that God has designed marriage to be a homosexual, polygamous, or polyamorous relationship. We also deny that marriage is a mere human contract rather than a covenant made before God.”

Articles 4, 5, 6, and 7 deal with transgenderism by affirming the sexual differences between men and women, incapable of change despite whatever physical or mental abnormalities may be present.

Produced by the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW), the manifesto has been endorsed by scholars, pastors and leaders alike. Read the statement in full here.

“The spirit of our age does not delight in God’s good design of male and female. Consequently, confusion reigns over some of the most basic questions of our humanity,” CBMW President Denny Burk said in the statement.

“The aim of the Nashville Statement is to shine a light into the darkness — to declare the goodness of God’s design in our sexuality and in creating us as male and female.”

Predictably, the statement has drawn condemnation from both LGBT leaders and liberal evangelicals. Most hilariously, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry said the document has no business adopting the name of her city, saying it was “poorly named and does not represent the inclusive values of the city & people of Nashville.”

Other Twitter users joined in the bashing. HBO’s Silicon Valley star Kumail Nanjiani, tweeted: "F*** the #NashvilleStatement. F*** the evil s--- that people justify using religion.”

“The God I know does not support the #NashvilleStatement,” wrote Black Lives Matter leader Deray Mckesson.

Ben Shapiro has the last word:

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