Assorted news media figures across CNN and MSNBC are hyping a narrative of President Trump lacking “empathy” for those hurt by Hurricane Harvey.

A lack of empathy is a feature of sociopathy and psychopathy, dovetailing with news media narrative of Trump as mentally ill.

News media personalities featured in the montage below include Mike Barnicle (of MSNBC), Eddie Glaude (of MSNBC), Mark Leibovich (of The New York Times Magazine) Ari Melber (of MSNBC), Abby Phillips (of CNN and The Washington Post), Joan Walsh (of The Nation), and Jeff Zeleny (of CNN).

“He didn’t hug a mom or hold a baby or shake someone's hand or ask a senior how they were doing. It was really remarkable,” claimed Joan Walsh, “It was typical Donald Trump, without an ounce of empathy.”

Trump was “learning on the job in terms of empathy [and] in terms of how to react and relate to the individuals here,” surmised CNN’s Jeff Zeleny.

“The human element seemed to be absent,” opined MSNBC’s Eddie Glaude, remarking on Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey.

“I did not hear [Trump] speak about the victims of this flood, and I’m wondering… is there something missing here in him?” asked MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle, suggesting a lack of empathy within the president.

A resurgent and related narrative is the framing of former President George Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 as somehow aloof and disconnected; a storyline similarly concocted by the news media.

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