This Woman Prevented A Man’s Suicide. What Happened Next Is AMAZING.

"Thanks for saving my life."

Kevin Walsh had no idea that a woman named Blake he met several years ago would be the person that would ultimately save him from suicide and eventually become his wife.

The Indiana resident spoke to Inside Edition about how he was about to take his own life when he got a phone call. "I was probably somewhere between 5 to 10 seconds away from taking my own life," he said. “Nobody but her could have spoken a word of reason to me.”

Kevin met Blake at Bair Lake Bible Camp in Michigan when they were both thirteen years old. They were practicing archery at the camp as part of the same group when Blake approached Kevin saying, “Black is a good color on you.”

Kevin explained, “I was like, ‘At least she’s talking to me; she’s the prettiest girl I had ever seen.’”

The pair stayed in communication through instant messenger and text, but lost touch after about a year.

As the end of high school approached, Kevin fell into a deep depression and considered committing suicide. After about a month, Kevin wrote a note and was about to slit his wrists. Then, his phone vibrated, causing him to pause.

Kevin said, “I was basically staring down the barrel of my own mortality,” but he still answered the phone. “It was her. We hadn’t talked in a year and the one person I believed I would have opened up to called at that exact moment I had let everything go and was at peak vulnerability.”

He told her that he was about to take his own life. “Literally, all she said in that moment was, ‘What? Don’t do that,’” Kevin said.

Kevin decided not to go through with the act, and instead began a journal where he thanked Blake for saving him. “Over the years, [the notebook] grew a couple words at a time. He said, “Eventually I had a pretty substantial amount of information I wanted to convey and then I realized, 'Holy crap, I think this is a proposal.'"

They stayed in touch and regularly visited each other. He proposed to her in 2015 when they went to Switzerland together.

Kevin told Blake as he proposed, “I love you. Also, thanks for saving my life.”

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