OCCUPY TRUMP: Leftist Groups Plan Months-Long Sit-In 'Resistance' Against Donald Trump

Protesters will "occupy" parks to "drive out the Trump and Pence fascist regime." Kind of.

Starting November 4, one year to the day Donald Trump was elected President, "Resistance" protesters will begin a "multi-year" Occupy Wall Street-style demonstration in major cities across America, according to plans released by a group calling itself "Resist Fascism."

The group says the effort is still in the planning stages, but that by November 4, they'll be ready to hunker down for weeks, if not months and years, until their display works and both Donald Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence, are booted from office.

First, protesters say they'll "descend" on a number of major American cities for marches and rallies, and then those who are able (or, perhaps more realistically, those who do not have jobs), will camp out in public parks, some for an extended period of time, and some just for shifts.

Eve Sahana, one of the organizers and a leader with Resist Fascism, says the point is to "drive out the Trump and Pence fascist regime," and they'll do just about anything to see it happen. "Outrages that once shocked people about this regime aren’t quite as shocking anymore,” Sahana added, speaking to POLITICO. “We need to act now, before people have learned to accept the unacceptable.”

But don't call the Resist Fascism movement "Occupy Wall Street 2.0." The organizers are concerned that any affiliation with the infamous sit-in that mostly just annoyed New York City residents and blocked traffic for weeks, will tarnish their reputation since, several years later, Occupy Wall Street has no legacy to speak of. In fact, you could almost say that OWS accomplished exactly nothing.

This sit-in, of course, will be totally different. Or something.

"This movement is in a different moment of history than Occupy,” said Sunsara Taylor, another organizer involved with Resist Fascism. Those jobless millennials couldn't decide on a set of objectives for their weeks-long protest, and Resist Fascism says it's objective is Trump and Pence's removal from office. Plus, they've already had some meetings, which means they're way more organized.

The only shortfall for this ragtag group of Communist bookstore owners, dissenting 'zine publishers, career activists, and college gender studies majors, is that they aren't entirely clear on how to go from sitting around in tent cities at the center of major cities to actually forcing Trump out of office. POLITICO is being generous when it calls the group's message "hazy," and the group says they have no plans to adopt the techniques of Antifa, or call for any kind of popular uprising.

For now, they're partnering with the Soros-funded national group, Indivisible, but even they aren't clear on how calls to congressmen and form postcards are pushing their agenda forward.

At least this time, though, city-dwellers and public park afficionados will have a heads up on what's going on — and exactly where in their cities to avoid.


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