MTV Video Music Awards Played 'F*** Donald Trump' As a Sign of 'Resistance'

The show was one anti-Trump message after another

Okay, so you might not have realized that the MTV Video Music Awards were tonight or, really, that MTV still exists (it doesn't, exactly — the video music awards pretty much only honor YouTube stars nowadays), but whatever was left of the network decided tonight's awards show should be dedicated to fomenting a national resistance to President Donald Trump among, well, whoever still watches the VMAs.

The always creative Katy Perry, whose last album was a "tribute" of sorts to her idol, Hillary Clinton, came out brandishing a handmaid costume straight off the set of The Handmaids Tale (her "fall look"), because, obviously Donald Trump is enslaving all women in a theocratic regime where women are enslaved and forced to bear children.

Then, Paris Jackson (Michael's daughter) spoke of the importance of transgender members of the military, apparently on the assumption that Donald Trump had booted them all with his executive order asking the Department of Defense to weigh the costs and benefits of allowing transgender individuals to serve. Oh, and Paris is quite angry that Charlottesville happened, and called on the audience to "resist," as if anyone in the audience were in disagreement.

But, perhaps most egregiously, the VMA's producers decided to do their part to "resist" the Trump Agenda ... by playing a profane song, titled (creatively), "F*** Donald Trump" during a commercial break when the show was off the air. But while the viewing audience might have tuned out, social media was still tuned in.

I definitely feel like this is making MTV relevant again, you guys.


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