Chelsea Manning Attacks Shapiro. Then Jenna Jameson Smacks Manning Down.

After darling of the Left Chelsea Manning posted a tweet in which she threatened “fascists” by putting a boot in their face, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro noted the fact, prompting Manning to whine in response. Then a huge fan of Shapiro’s showed up, and that was that.

The encounter started with tough-guy Manning posting this:

That prompted Shapiro to calmly point out:

Manning, who is so self-obsessed that an alert is necessary any time someone responds to Manning’s Twitter feed, took umbrage in a ranting response filled with hysteria:

Manning was responding at almost 3 a.m. But someone else who is an enormous fan of Shapiro’s was also awake:

That prompted a slight correction from writer Josh Hammer, noting that Shapiro is an Orthodox Jew:

Jameson, who converted to Orthodox Judaism in November 2016, then quipped:

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