WATCH: Trump Supporters Blocked, Then Assaulted Outside Phoenix Rally

"Peaceful" protesters block truck, then take cheap shots at black Trump supporter.

In yet another ugly scene involving Antifa and Trump supporters, after the Trump rally in Phoenix Tuesday night, a group of protesters attempted to block a Ford pickup truck carrying Trump supporters. When the pro-Trumpers finally were able to start pulling away, a few of the "anti-fascist" protesters assaulted the Trump fans who were in the back of the truck.

The violent scene was caught on video by New York Times reporter, Simon Romero: ​

The video begins with the truck apparently blocked by Antifa protesters. The driver of the truck is in front engaged in a shouting match with the protesters standing in front of the vehicle. One Trump supporter, who is African-American, restrains the driver, urging him to get into the truck as the Antifa protesters are converging on them. The black Trump supporter along with a female and another male Trump supporter get into the back of the truck.

The truck begins, Mediaite accusing the driver of initially "attempt[ing] to drive into protesters on the sidewalk," though in reality it looks like he's simply trying to turn left, which he does.

The truck drives carefully passes the protesters, but not before one of the Antifa thugs takes a few cheap shots on the black Trump supporter. Then others begin to join in, surrounding the bed of the truck, which still contains the female. The truck finally drives away.

Though over 7,000 people RSVPed online to protest Trump in Phoenix, only about 500 showed up, a number dwarfed by the Trump supporters, an estimated 8,000 of whom filled the Phoenix Convention Center.

The scene remained mostly peaceful until after the rally, when the Antifa protesters began throwing objects, including rocks and bottles, at riot police, who responded with tear gas, pepper balls, and eventually pepper spray and rubber bullets.

A few thousand protesters showed up outside the event, and things were mostly peaceful until the end of the rally, when Trump supporters filtered out of the Phoenix Convention Center and police had to use tear gas to manage the crowds.

The riot police were able to disperse the crowd, though a few protesters remained. According to initial reports, at least three people were arrested.

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