OOPS: Antifa Beats The Hell Out Of Fellow Protester They Mistake For A 'Nazi'

No one has ever accused Antifa of being particularly bright.

On Saturday, some of the brilliant folks comprising the hard leftist group Antifa accidently beat the hell out of a fellow Antifa protester whom the morons mistook for a "neo-Nazi" (which basically means anyone right-wing or classically liberal).

No one has ever accused Antifa of being particularly bright.

The leftist group was out in full force to protest a free speech rally in Boston, which reportedly had a grand total of zero "neo-Nazis," though there were some members of the so-called "alt-right" in attendance.

"This anti-white nationalist protester was punched in the face after being mistaken for a neo-Nazi in Boston," reads a Facebook post from Fusion.

"Do not hit someone that you assume is a neo-Nazi. You cannot do that," said one protester. "He's on our side!"

That's right, you must first be sure you don't like their ideology and then you can punch them, because screw dialogue and the First Amendment altogether.

When a reporter asked the man who was assaulted and now bleeding from his head and mouth if he planned on sticking around the fine folks at the rally, he replied, "I'm not exactly sure right now."

Apparently getting assaulted by the people you thought were helping you protest "neo-Nazis" isn't reason enough to reject Antifa and leave the rally. Interesting.


For more on the violent Antifa antics at the Boston rally, click here.


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