If you're one of those unfortunate souls afflicted with the dream of becoming a successful chef, then please slap yourself in the face at this instant. It will be only half as painful as the wrath social justice warriors will inflict upon you should your restaurant endeavors ever fall below the woke line of decency.

Having already destroyed the careers of two lady chefs for having the audacity to make burritos from authentic Mexican recipes and putting every white chef on notice to avoid making food NOT of their own ethnicity, a chef-owner in New York has now changed the name of his restaurant due to its "racist connotations."

According to EaterNY, chef-owner Tom Colicchio spent up to $100k to change his restaurant's name from "Fowler & Wells" to the less offensive "Temple Court."

What could possibly be so offensive about the name "Fowler & Wells"? Apparently, and Tom Colicchio knew this, that was the "scientific institute on that site that practiced phrenology, the idea that the shape of one’s skull denoted intelligence and personality." Obviously phrenology has been proven a pseudo-science, but the Left took serious issue with it having been used for scientific racism. Edward Fowler, one of institute's founders, reportedly once “suggested that people of African descent had poor verbal skills and traits that were best suited for nursing children or waiting on tables.”

Colicchio rightly reasoned upon naming the restaurant "Fowler & Wells" that phrenology had various avenues of expression in its heyday, from rehabilitating criminals to psychological therapy, and should not be so easily dismissed due to it having been used for "nefarious reasons."

Nobody regards phrenology as true science, and neither did Colicchio, who found the Victorian artistry associated with phrenology aesthetically appealing, a throwback to a time when modern science had taken its first steps toward maturity with all its imperfections. Phrenology graphs of that era serve as neat ornamentation that people regularly decorate their homes with, and Colicchio thought it served as good aesthetic for his restaurant, complete with "cocktails names that referred to the era" and a section of the bar list that included a brain diagram titled the Phrenological Cabinet.

Sounds like a fun place to spend a Friday night, no? Not according to Times critic Pete Wells, who became so enamored with his own self-righteousness that he gave the restaurant a two-star review due to phrenology's sordid history with minorities. This would then prompt Colicchio to change the name to what is now the less offensive "Temple Court."

"It took nearly eight months to get everything in order with the owners of the building and his branding team, but starting today, Temple Court is the new name," reports EaterNY. "It streamlines the restaurant with the former name of the building that houses it, which according to Colicchio’s research has no similar connotations."

Colicchio has also boasted previously of his "liberal persona" for his dedication to diversity in the food industry. He has also made his anti-Trump sentiments well-known, even once "throwing his name into a lawsuit that alleges that President Donald Trump’s ownership of hotels and restaurants puts other restaurants at a disadvantage." The Left always eats its own.

By the standard set forth by this episode, nobody can own a phrenology graph or bust as decoration due to its "racist conotations."