Phoenix Braces For Trouble Ahead Of Tuesday Night Trump Rally

Soros-backed activists plan "major disruptions."

President Donald Trump will hold a rally tonight in Arizona, and the state is bracing for what they are calling a "massive protest."

Democratic Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton reportedly asked the White House to postpone the event, which is supposed to focus on border security and immigration. The city cited fear that the President's presence might re-ignite tempers already on edge after two weeks of protests and a series of violent clashes between white supremacists and "anti-fascists" and anti-fascists and law enforcement.

But Trump says he has no intention of backing down from the rally, or scaling back his planned trip to Arizona where he'll visit part of the border wall and speak with officials about progress in stemming the tide of illegal immigration across the Mexican border.

Authorities might have reason to be worried. Tuesday morning, rumors began to fly that several organizations, backed by billionaire leftist George Soros, are planning to hold a "resistance rally" and are asking members of Indivisible — a MoveOn.org-like organization with state and local chapters — to send representatives down to Phoenix to steal Trump's thunder.

The organzation has four separate events planned, including a "March to the Rally with Indigenous Peoples" and a "Unity March Against Hate & Bigotry." Organziers will not say how many people they expect to attend the rally, but Indivisible claims to have marshaled an entire support staff, including medics and legal observers, to help handle logistics.

Although the group says they won't engage in violence, it's not clear whether Indivisible will make any effort to keep out black-clad Antifa rabble-rousers like the ones who derailed a 40,000-person peace march in Boston on Saturday, when they hurled rocks and urine-filled bottles at law enforcement officers trying to protect the marchers.

Indivisible also claims to be an "opposition" group that formed when small grassroots groups joined together after the election, but recent revelations show that Indivisible has close ties to the Women's March and to George Soros's own Democracy Alliance — a secretive group of wealthy leftists who finance much of what passes for left-wing activism in America. Indivisible's board is also made up of several alumni of other Soros-backed organizations, including the billionaire's own Open Society Foundations and Policy Centers.


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