Panelists on CNN’s State of the Union reached a consensus in accepting the false premise of Republicans needing to do better with Hispanic voters in order to win the presidency. Rick Perry and Representative Mia Love not only joined Jake Tapper in concluding that the GOP path to the White House needed to be paved with Hispanic support, but also that support for amnesty of illegal aliens is an essential ingredient in securing this support.

Implying that Republicans are bigoted against Hispanics via opposition to amnesty, Tapper asked Perry, “Are you worried at all - because you’re somebody who took heat in 2012 for being too friendly to the Latino community - aren’t you worried about the language (Senator Ted Cruz) is using, right there? Wouldn’t that come to hurt your party in November?”

Perry didn’t challenge the false premises of the question, perhaps appreciating Tapper’s portrayal of him as a martyr for tolerance among intolerant Republicans.

Love then conflated immigration with amnesty, calling for unity between Republicans and Democrats around the concept of America being “made up of immigrants”. Opting not to challenge Tapper’s false premises impugning Republicans, she waxed emotional about citizenship ceremonies to the glee of her left-wing co-panelists.

Earlier in the segment, Clinton operative Neera Tanden of the Center for American Progress praised Senator Marco Rubio’s prior support for the Gang of Eight “immigration reform” proposal.

Pro-amnesty Democrats such as Representative Luis Gutierrez and Senator Chuck Schumer have postured as concerned about the Republican Party’s future political fortunes, stating that continued opposition to amnesty would translate to permanent minority-party status.